Better Butter Flavacol Seasoning Popcorn Salt 35oz


Better Butter Flavacol Popcorn seasoning salt features a far better buttery taste than any other brand. Add additional butter without the additional sodium taste with BB Flavacol® #2019 . Add it to your kernels and oil before you pop for the best coverage! Flavacol is a very fine seasoned salt that sticks to the popcorn,…


Better Buttery Flavacol is a blend of finely grained flour salt delicately flavored with a rich butter flavor, slightly sweetened and colored to give a yellow buttery appearance. Flavacol is a perfect seasoning to add while popping popcorn or topping freshly popped popcorn. Gluten-Free!

This seasoning salt for popcorn features a far better buttery taste than any other brand. BB Flavacol® #2019 is made using a proprietary process that results in salt with a finer flake, not a crystal. The result is more salt sensation – but with less sodium. Make sure to add this seasoning salt to your popcorn supplies at gourmet popcorn shops, arenas and more! (Case of 12 – 35 oz. Cartons) (Available in 51 lb. Box – #2246)

FLAVACOL is the worlds most popular seasoning salt. This “secret ingredient” adds buttery flavor & bright yellow color for real theater style popcorn. Because this salt is a fine flake, not a crystal, you only need to add a little right along with your popcorn kernels & oil and then pop. There’s more of a “salt” sensation with less sodium.

Made using the “Alberger Process”, all traces of minerals that can lead to a bitter taste are removed. This leaves a far better buttery taste than any other brand. Just the right blend of Yellow #5 and #6 produce the brightest color.

POPCORN        Use-         FLAVACOL
4 ozs. Corn                  ½ teaspoon
6 ozs. Corn                  ½ tablespoon
8-12 ozs. Corn             1 tablespoon
14-16 ozs. Corn           1½ tablespoon
20-24 ozs. Corn           2 tablespoons
28 ozs. Corn                2½ tablespoons
32 ozs. Corn                3 tablespoons
36 ozs. Corn                3½ tablespoons

Net weight: 35 oz. (2lbs., 3oz.)(992grams)
Ingredients: Salt, artificial butter flavor,  artificial Sweetner (Acesulfam K), FD&C Yellow #5 Lake (E102) and Yellow #6 Lake (E110)
Contains: Soy

Serving size  ¼tsp.(1.2g)      Total Fat 0g,  Sodium 455mg, Total Carbohydrate 0g, Protein 0g
Servings per Container 992

Additional information

Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 14 in


Single, Case of 12


35 oz